Ford F-250: Trailer Hitch Reviews

Here is a detailed comparison of some of the popular trailer hitches for your Ford F-250 or F-350 Super Duty.

By Scott Deuty - November 6, 2014

This article applies to the Ford F-250, F-350 Super Duty (2005-2014).

Most Super Duty pickups from this era come standard with a trailer hitch. However, as your trailer size grows, it’s a wise idea to invest in an upgrade. Ford bases their towing ratings on the equipment that is available with the truck. This includes whether the truck has Single Rear Wheels (SRW) or Dual Rear Wheels (DRW). Correctly selecting the proper hitch depends on the load you will be towing. Your vehicle needs to exceed the rating of the load. Like anything, plan to expand and choose a class or two higher hitch than your current trailer. Consider that weight distribution and anti-sway devices might also be used. Three types of hitches, Curtis, Draw Tite, and Reese (which also makes Draw Tite), are evaluated below.

Pro Tip

Installing hitches is simple, and most are made to fit the bolt patterns of the truck. Hardware is included with most hitches; if not, use the proper hardware and bolt shear ratings or the entire hitch could come loose. Remember that load size determines the draw bar width. Lighter loads use a 2” receiver draw bar and heavier loads use 2 ½”. Buying all new hardware might be required.

Trailer Hitch Chart

Draw Tite
Price $194-$318 $270-$335 $282
Draw Bar Size 2”- 2 ½” 2”- 2 ½” 2"
Tongue Weight 350 lbs 1,500 lbs 500 lbs
Load Weight 17,000 lbs 18,000 lbs 15,000 lbs
Product Weight 77 lbs 68 lbs 57 lbs
Warranty Limited lifetime Limited lifetime Purchasable upgrade (1 year, 3 year)

Best Quality: All vendors have superior quality and received good reviews on the internet.

Best Value: Curtis gets the nod here as they have higher weight ratings, lower overall weight, and best of all, make it a point to state the hitches are made in the USA.

A trailer hitch's tongue weight is the hitch's capability to hold the load right at the part where the trailer connects to the truck. The load weight is the hitch's maximum load.


Price -- $194-$318

Draw Bar Size -- 2”- 2 ½”

Tongue Weight -- 350 lbs

Load Weight -- 17,000 lbs

Product Weight -- 77 lbs

Warranty -- Limited lifetime

The Curtis design is well known and made in the USA. It is designed to prevent rust by sealing the main body to keep out the elements. It has an open back end to facilitate the cleaning process. Curtis hitch has a lifetime warranty and is very durable. Recommended if you are looking for a strong, durable hitch.


Price-- $270-$335

Draw Bar Size -- 2”- 2 ½”

Tongue Weight -- 1,500 lbs

Load Weight -- 18,000 lbs

Product Weight -- 68 lbs

Warranty -- Limited lifetime

The Reese design adds a little more metal to the ends therefore making it the choice for strength. This could explain the heavier product weight. The Reese offers custom design for your vehicle. Constructed from one piece, this hitch can tow almost anything. It stands out from its competitors because of its massive tongue weight capability of 1,500 lbs. Recommended if you are looking for a great, strong hitch and don't mind spending the money.

Draw Tite

Price -- $282

Draw Bar Size -- 2”

Tongue Weight -- 500 lbs

Load Weight -- 15,000 lbs

Product Weight -- 57 lbs

Warranty -- Purchasable upgrade (1 year, 3 year), Limited lifetime

The Draw Tite is made specifically for your truck's year. With over 60 years in the business, Draw Tite has the best reputation for its quality. Recommended if you are looking for a reputable hitch with a great warranty.

Pro Tip

Hitches are heavy items, going for up to 84 pounds in the case of those we reviewed. Therefore it is best to get one with free shipping or perhaps pick it up locally to save cost.

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