Ford F-250: How to Replace Water Pump

When the water pump in your Ford Super Duty spoils, save money by fixing it yourself.

By James Karuga - December 11, 2014

This article applies to the Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty (2005-2014).

When burning fuel, vehicle engines heat up as they produce motion. To prevent a Ford Super Duty truck from overheating, the cooling system’s water pump circulates water and coolant to regulate temperature when the vehicle is in motion. However, water and antifreeze leaks in the water pump cause damage to the engine. Learn how to replace your Super Duty truck water pump below.

Materials Needed

  • Open ended wrenches
  • Half-inch metric socket set plus ratchet and extensions
  • Gasket scraper
  • Water pump
  • Gasket sealant
  • Bucket
  • Funnel
  • Clamp and pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Steel wool
  • RTV sealant

Step 1 - Disconnect the battery and drain the coolant

Unplug the negative battery cable from the battery and drain the coolant. Then, remove the air cleaner assembly. Remove the oil drain plug, place the bucket under the radiator drain, and place the funnel on the bucket's opening. Use a container that can handle at least four gallons of the coolant and oil.

  • Figure 1. Disconnect the battery starting with the negative cable.
  • Figure 2. Drain the coolant by unscrewing the valve in the bottom of the radiator.

Step 2 - Remove the water pump obstacles

Using a wrench, unfasten the bolts holding the Super Duty's fan shroud. Then, remove the fan and clutch. Using a screwdriver and pliers, disconnect the upper radiator hose coming from the thermostat, the small hose leading to degas bottle, and the fan's electric connection. Use the ratchet to lower the belt's tension as you remove the fan assembly. Use the wrench to hold the water pump pulley as you remove the fan and fan clutch from the pulley by unfastening their bolts.

Figure 3. Remove the engine fan.

Step 3 - Remove the water pump cover

Remove the water pump pulley cover attached by four 10mm bolts. Loosen them to release tension on serpentine belts, moving the half-inch ratchet in clockwise motion in the tension pulley on the left of the pump. Afterwards, remove the pulley cover and plate. This allows uninhibited access to the water pump.

Figure 4. Remove the water pump's cover.

Step 4 – Remove the water pump assembly

Using the wrenches, remove the thermostat housing bolts then the thermostat and gasket. From the thermostat housing, remove the heater and two bolts from where the lower radiator hose terminates at the water pump. Then, disconnect the engine coolant temperature sensor and camshaft position sensor. Unfasten the bolts holding the water pump to the engine block and carefully mark out their positions as they differ in length. Then, pull out the water pump.

  • Figure 5. Remove the old water pump.
  • Figure 6. Remove the sensors connected to the water pump.

Step 5 – Install the new pump

Prior to installing the new water pump, use the steel wool to scrape and clean up dirt or grease where it appears on the gasket surface and the pump's mounting location. Coat the O-ring gasket with room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) sealant. This ensures the O-ring doesn’t fall out of its channel. Install all of the removed components in reverse order, and only refill the coolant system when the components are securely in place.

Figure 7. Scrape and clean before installing the new water pump.

Pro Tip

When putting back all the bolts, avoid tightening them more than specified; it could spoil them. As you assemble each engine component back, check for any incidental leaks and make the necessary repairs.

Featured Video: Water Pump Replacement Ford F-250

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