Ford F-250: How to Replace a Wheel Bearing and Hub

Your wheel bearings on your Ford Super Duty are the connecting point between your wheels and you axles, so when they go, they go in a bad way. Luckily they tend to make a lot of noise before they're completely shot. Learn how to repair them yourself here.

By Makeda - October 20, 2014

The wheel barrel is one of the most important parts of your Ford F-250 or F-350 Super Duty since it helps the wheel to rotate while you drive. Without a barrel, you would experience a bumpy ride. The barrel extends the life of the axle and wheel and needs to be greased once every two years or after 23,000 miles/37,000 kilometers.

Materials Needed

  • Floor jack, lug wrench
  • socket set
  • metal wire
  • pliers
  • flat-blade screwdriver
  • solvent
  • large adjustable wrench
  • parts brush
  • axle grease

Step 1 - Raise the vehicle and remove the wheel

Park the car and use a floor jack to lift the vehicle off of the ground. Under the axle beam, place the jack stands on both sides of the truck. Lower the jack and remove the front wheel lug nuts using a lug wrench counterclockwise. Take off the wheels and place the lug nuts and wheels in a safe place.

Figure 1. To remove a wheel, break the bolts while the truck is still on the ground. Finish removing them when it is suspended.

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Step 2 - Remove wheel hub

The dust cap in the middle of the combination wheel hub needs to be removed using a flat-blade screwdriver. A pair of pliers will help you to remove the cotter pin in the hole at the end of the steering spindle.

For 4WD

Remove the three bolts attaching the hub to the wheel. With the bolts removed, the hub should pull right out. It's okay to use a screwdriver or a shim of some sort to get leverage, but be careful to not break it.

Ford F-350 Wheel Hub
Figure 2. Undo the three bolts highlighted above in order to remove your 4WD locking hub.

Step 3 - Remove the brake caliper and brake rotor

On the back side of the caliper, you will see the bracket bolts, remove it with a socket and ratchet in a clockwise direction. Raise the caliper up from the brake rotor. Pay attention to the next step to avoid stretching the rubber brake line attached to the caliper and use a piece of wire and range the caliper onto the spring in the wheel.

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Step 4 - Pull off wheel bearing

The bearing should just pull off with your bare hands at this point. Wipe the axle clean of used axle grease.

F-350 Wheel Bearing
Figure 3. Firmly pull the wheel bearing off the front axle.

Step 5 - Grease new bearings

Use a small amount of axle grease and smooth it over the new inner and outer wheel bearing. Use the same instructions for the inner and outer bearings.

Step 6 - Reinstall wheel bearing

Wheel bearing hub is installed the same way it was removed. Make sure the gears of the hub and axle are greased first. Then, press the wheel bearing onto the front axle until snug. Don't forget to reinstall the bolts holding the wheel bearing to the steering knuckle.

When reinstalling the wheel bearing, a new cotter pin must be pushed through the small hole at the bottom part of the spindle and bend it with pliers. Lastly, push the dust cap back into its original place.

For 4WD

There is no cotter pin on 4WD trucks because they have locking hubs instead.

Step 7 - Tighten the socket

Before replacing the original holding bolt, unlock the wire on the brake caliper sliding it over the disc brake rotor. When replacing the part, tighten it using a socket and ratchet in a clockwise direction.

Step 8 - Replace the wheels

Repeat steps 2 through 7 for the other side of the car. Replace all of the wheels by tightening the lug nuts. Use the floor jack to lift the car up and remove the jack stands before lowering the truck.

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