Ford F-250: Cat Back Exhaust System Reviews

Ford F-250 drivers have a lot of options when it comes to buying a cat back exhaust. This guide help you sort out which is the best for your truck.

October 23, 2014

This article applies to the Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty (2005-2014).

Generally, the faster air flows out of your exhaust, the more power your truck will generate. It's the main performance-related reason to upgrade to a cat back exhaust for your F-250 or F-350 Super Duty. A larger diameter pipe means that air has more room to move and cool, meaning more power for your truck. Of course, performance is a small part of the picture when considering a cat back exhaust.

Of all the options available in modifying a truck, a cat back (or DPF back) exhaust is often offers the biggest bang per buck for changing your truck's attitude. They'll be louder than your stock exhuast and you might even pick up some better gas mileage or horsepower out of it. The reality is other exhaust modifications will improve those aspects even more, but frequently they also make your truck illegal to drive on public streets. Driving a vehicle, Super Duty, F-150, or otherwise, without an cat will get you a ticket in some states. So be mindful of your local laws if you go that route.

Cat back exhausts are popular because they don't carry that risk. As a result, the market is a crowded one without much difference between manufacturers. This guide will give you a rundown on the most popular options in the community.

Aftermarket Exhaust

Cost $324 to $1,200 $350-$550 $420-$900 $0-$300
Sizes 4” to 5” 4” 4” 3.5"
Warranty Systems above $500 Limited 2 year Limited Lifetime --
Ease of install Moderate, Easy, no customization required Easy, no customization required Easy, no customization required

Best Quality: MBRP has all stainless design and the best quality. Troyer Performance systems recommends this over the "Slowmaster," claiming it increases dyno performance.

Best Value: We’re going to go with the Flowmaster for cost and warranty combination


Price: $324 - $1,200
Looks: Clean
Warranty: Lifetime for systems above $500

MBRP is one of the most popular exhaust makes for the Super Duty and F-150, diesel and gas. Their kits are well finished and have a good reputation. They tend to be fairly quiet at idle and low speed, but have a throaty grumble when you step on it. They also offer a lifetime warranty for their kits.


Price: $350-550
Looks: Clean
Warranty: Limited 2 year

aFe is better known in the F-250 community for their intakes, but their exhausts are good quality as well. They sell both aluminized and stainless steel piping, so be sure to opt for the steel if it's available. The real kicker with aFe is that they're inexpensive. An exhaust shouldn't need to cost an arm and a leg.


Price: $420-$900
Looks: Clean
Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Flowmaster is one of the two giants in the aftermarket exhaust industry. Their kits are priced at the industry average. They do offer an extremely wide variety of exhaust setups. Most of their premade exhaust systems are 4" in diameter, which is about average. They will likely not add a considerable amount of horsepower or torque, but they will give your truck the trademark Flowmaster roar. The rivalry between Flowmaster and the other giant, Magnaflow, is fierce.


Price: $0-$300+
Looks: Normal
Warranty: None

If you're looking to restore your truck to stock spec, say, for emissions testing, you'll want to head to eBay. The factory exhaust adequate for a truck without major engine upgrades. Of course, it'll be as quiet and well behaved as a stock truck. If you need to buy everything new, you can purchase every link of your truck's exhaust online from Ford. You can also find them for sale on forums, eBay, and Craigslist.

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