Ford F-150/F-250: Truck Bed Accessories

Would you like to increase the utility of you Ford F-150 or Super Duty's bed, protect its finish, or simply spruce it up to make it look better? We have you covered as we review the most popular accessories you can add to the bed of your truck.

By Brett Foote - November 4, 2014

This article applies to the Ford F-150 (2004-2014) and F-250, F-350 Super Duty (2005-2014).

Whether you want to increase the utility of your truck's bed, the overall appearance, or both, bed accessories can give you what you are looking for. These accessories can give you a lot of added benefits, whether you use your truck for work or play. We are going to take a look at three of the most popular accessories - tool boxes, racks, and ramps - all of which can add a ton of utility and extend the usability of your truck.

Tool Boxes

Figure 1. Tool box.

Tool boxes have been a popular option for mechanics and construction workers for many years, but they also serve a useful purpose for DIYers. Tool boxes only take away a small amount of usable space in your bed, but add a secure and convenient way to keep a ton of tools nearby, no matter where you go.

Three of the most popular tool boxes are made by Truxedo, Deezee, and Bak. Depending on which box you choose, costs can vary greatly - anywhere from $150 up to $600 or sometimes even more. Installation is simple, as boxes are often predrilled to fit factory holes on popular truck models. Once you select the right size, it's just a matter of placing the box on the bed and tightening some bolts. Professional installation will only run around $100.


Figure 2. Racks.

Racks have become a popular accessory for hauling everything from kayaks to bikes to ladders. Like tool boxes, you give up a bit of usable space when installing racks, but they can often be easily and quickly removed if needed. Three of the most popular brands of racks are made by Hauler, Pro Maxx, and ProRac. The cost of a rack can range anywhere from $200 up to $500 or more depending on the material and type of rack.

Like tool boxes, racks are very easy to install, whether they are permanent or removable. They only require basic skills and tools such as a screwdriver and wrench set. Professional installation shouldn't cost more than $100 unless the installation is permanent and requires holes to be drilled. Racks can add a lot of utility to your truck for a small price and an hour or two of work.


Figure 3. Ramps.

If you have a motorcycle, ATV, or just need to haul heavy objects around, ramps can be an incredibly useful thing to have lying around. The best thing about it is, many are available with no need to install anything - you can simply unfold and put them into place when needed, then stash them away in your garage when they aren't.

Three popular brands of ramps are made by Deezee, Highland, and Lund. Ramps can cost anywhere from $60 to $300 or more depending on the weight capacity and the material they are made of. Some are made of aluminum, which is much lighter and easier to move around but has less weight capacity. Others can be made of high strength steel. No matter what you are hauling, there is a ramp choice that fits your needs.

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