Ford F150 F250: How to Replace Your Side Mirror

A cracked or inoperable side mirror is not only useless, it's unsafe. Here's how to save yourself some money and replace it yourself.

By Tony Greene - October 22, 2014

A side mirror is essential to good vision, especially when hauling loads or a trailer. Don’t let a broken side mirror reduce your safety, especially when it’s an easy fix at a decent cost. Replacing a broken mirror on your Ford F-150 or F-250 Super Duty is a matter of accessing the mirror by removing the door panel and disconnecting a few wires. It doesn't require the help of anyone else and you can perform it in under an hour.

Materials Needed

  • 10mm socket
  • 8mm socket
  • 6mm socket
  • Mini flathead screwdriver

Step 1 - Roll down the window and remove switch panel

This is the panel that houses your door and window switches. It needs to be removed because it covers the mirror nuts. It is connected to the door arm by clips that pop off. If it won't pop off by hand, use your flathead mini screwdriver to gently pry it off.

Figure 1. Popping off door switch panel.

After removing the switch panel, let it hang down for the moment.

Step 2 - Remove reflector lamp

Retrieve your mini flathead screwdriver and pop off the red reflector that covers your door lamp.

Figure 2. Removing reflector cover for door lamp.

Step 3 - Remove two door screws

You will find the first screw behind the reflector that you just removed. Use your 8 mm socket.

Then remove the second screw, which is located in the space behind the recently removed switch panel.

Step 4 - Disconnect switch panel

Go back to the switch panel that you left hanging. You can now disconnect it from its wiring. There is a connector on the back that you need to tug gently on. It should easily come off. Then set the switch panel down in a safe place like the car seat.

Figure 3. Disconnecting the switch panel.

Step 5 - Remove mirror cover

The mirror cover is affixed by clips that will pop off without much effort.

Figure 4. Removing mirror cover.

Step 6 - Remove door panel

Now that the screws have been removed and all obstacles are out of the way, you can grab onto the door handle and pull the door panel up. It will slide right off the door frame and come free in your hands.

Figure 5. Grabbing onto door handle to lift door panel off frame.

Step 7 - Remove speaker

Once the door panel is off the frame, you will need to remove the door speaker. Your 6mm socket will be required for this step. The speaker needs to come out in order to get to the side mirror's wiring, which is behind the speaker.

Figure 6. Removing door speaker.

Pro Tip

Put a little piece of tape or some plumber's putty on the socket to keep the nut from falling out of it and falling down into the door panel.

Step 8 - Unplug the mirror

Peel back the door lining and then reach through the speaker hole to unplug the existing side mirror.

Figure 7. Disconnecting the old side mirror.

Step 9 - Remove mirror

With one hand you will use your 10mm socket to remove the mirror's bolts. Use your other hand to hold the side mirror assembly so it doesn't fall down and scratch your truck.

Figure 8. Removing the side mirror assembly.

Figure 9. The old side mirror has been removed.

Step 10 - Install the new mirror

Be sure to feed the new assembly's wiring through the opening in the door panel before attaching.

Use one hand to hold it in place while you use the other hand to screw in the bolts.

Figure 10. Feeding the new side mirror's wiring into the door panel.

Step 11 - Reassembly

Reassemble in the opposite order of the removal procedure. After connecting the mirror, be sure to reconnect the wires, close up the casing and return the speaker to it's rightful place.

Install the door panel by inserting the hooks into the door frame. Line up the top of the panel first, then push down. Put your two screws back in behind the reflector and the switch panel. Then return the reflector and the switch panel to their proper locations.

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