Ford F-150/F-250: How to Replace Fuel Door

Whether you want to replace your fuel door because it is broken, or you want to add a billet fuel door for a different look, you can do it yourself and save some money.

By Scott Deuty - October 24, 2014

This article applies to the Ford F-150 (2004-2014) and the F-250, F-350 Super Duty (2005-2014).

Replacing the fuel door is as easy as removing and replacing the door. This installation takes about five minutes to complete using a screwdriver. It is so easy to do that you can avoid the dealer fees. A number of aftermarket options are available for fuel doors. They offer various looks, finishes, and the ability to lock the fuel door. This is important with the price of gas.

Tools Needed

  • Screwdriver

Step 1 - Open the fuel door

Figure 1. Open the fuel door.

Step 2 - Press the tab

Press the tab with the screw driver and slide the old door away from the hinge.

Figure 2. Press the tab with your screwdriver.

Step 3 - Install the new fuel door

Figure 3. Install the new fuel door.

Slide the new door into place and you are done!

Installing a Billet Fuel Door

Billet aluminum fuel door adds a custom look to your truck. Made from high-quality billet aluminum, these fuel doors can be chrome plated or finished with a black powder-coat, and they often come with a heavy-duty lock.

Installing a billet fuel door is a slightly different process than the regular one.

Materials and Tools Needed

  • Drill and 1/4" drill bitt

  • Billet fuel door with adapter (included)

  • Screw driver

Step 1 - Drill out the rivets

Open the old fuel door and use your 1/4" drill bit to drill out the rivet on the left side.

Figure 1. Drill out the rivets.

Step 2 - Remove the old fuel door

Slide the old fuel door out and remove the rubber stops by twisting and pulling

Figure 2. Remove the fuel door and the rubber stops.

Step 3 - Remove the plastic shroud

Loosen the plastic shroud by removing the screws with your screwdriver.

Figure 3. Remove the plastic shroud.

Step 4 - Install the adapter

Install the adapter that came with your new billet fuel door. Bolt the adapter to where the rubber stops used to be.

Figure 4. Install adapter.

Step 5 - Install billet fuel door

Install the billet door by slipping the mounting studs into the holes where the rivets were. Install the last two bolts into the last two holes remaining.

Figure 5. Install the billet door.

Featured Video - How to Replace Fuel Door and Install a Billet Fuel Door

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