Ford F150 F250: How To Mount Tires To Rim

It's quick and easy to mount or dismount your tires from your wheels. Find out how and add those new tires today!

By Thom Cannell - October 17, 2014
Contributors: Allen C. Stark

You’ve got wheels, tires, and neither time nor money for GoodStonerelli’s tire store. For less than a dollar, with the proper tools, you can mount and dismount your F-150 or Super Duty's tires in your own backyard... or garage. Or driveway.

Materials Needed

  • Dish soap and spray bottle
  • Cardboard or plywood to protect your rims
  • 2-4 long screwdrivers, tire spoons, or pry bars
  • Tire valve removal tool

Why Do It Yourself? Professionals charge $5-$15 to dismount or mount each tire. You can do them all for a buck. Your first attempt may take 20 minutes, but with experience you’ll soon do four in under 20 minutes. It’s almost as simple as “righty-tighty, lefty-loosey.”

Step 1 - Remove the valve stem insert

Using a valve stem insert tool, unscrew the valve stem and release pressure.

Valve Stem
Figure 1. Remove the core of the valve stem with a 4-Way tool to deflate the tire.

Step 2 - Lube the top tire bead

The tire bead is the edge of a tire that sits on the wheel. Wheels are made with a small slot or groove for the tire bead to sit in. When the tire is properly inflated, the tire's air pressure will keep the bead in this groove.

Add 2 oz. of dish soap to water to make a spray bottle of soapy water (or buy commercial tire lube) and spray around tire bead to help release a sticky bead from the grove where it sits on the wheel.

Step 3 - Break the bead

If you’re very lucky and the tire has been recently fitted, your weight may break the bead. Otherwise, use the a pair of tire spoons to separate the rim from the tire.

Breaking the bead on a tire
Figure 2. Break the bead between the tire and the rim.

Step 4 - Pry bead from rim

Insert a pry bar or long screwdriver or tire spoon under the rim. Using tools and your weight, pry and push the bead out of the seat all the way around, then pull it over the rim. If the bead is stuck, a very wide screwdriver, blunt chisel, or pry bar might be needed. If so, strike the chisel against the tire bead at a sharp angle to unseat.

  • Separate tire from rim completely

Pro Tip

Tire irons or spoons speed up the job. Their curves are designed to easily manipulate tire beads. They're also fairly inexpensive as costs range from $5 to $25. They're a worthwhile investment if you plan on doing this more than once.

Tire Spoon

Step 5 - Pull bead over rim

Using additional pry bars or screwdrivers, continue to pry the bead over the rim. Once the top is completely free, flip the tire over and pry remaining bead from wheel exactly as the top.

Pull bead over rim

Step 7 - Mount new tire

Lube both the tire bead surfaces and tire bead seat. Place rim on cardboard facing up. Place new tire’s bottom over the rim as much as possible. It may push on with only you standing or jumping or you may have to pry it on. Finally, seat the top bead using tire irons, pry bars, or your much-abused screwdrivers.


Tires often have specific rotation directions. Be sure two will roll forward on each side! Protect the rim with leather or scrap cut from a plastic bucket, particularly if you’re working with alloy rims.

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