Ford F-150/F-250: How To Install Bed Liner

Installing a bed liner to the back of your vehicle can improve the appearance of your Ford F-150 or Super Duty. If you regularly carry items for work, business, or for personal reasons, it can also keep your items secure and intact while you are driving depending on the type of bed liner you decide to purchase.

By Makeda - November 10, 2014

This article applies to the Ford F-150 (2004-2014), and the F-250, F-350 Super Duty (2005-2014).

A bed liner adds multiple benefits to your truck. Not only does it protect the back of your truck, but also secures all items you have back there and improves the looks of your truck. The installation is fairly easy as the liner comes in the right size for your Ford F-150 or F-250 Super Duty truck, it is literally a drop in.

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Materials and Tools Needed

  • Auto rag
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Ratchet

Step 1 - Clean the truck's bed

Use your rubbing alcohol to clean the bed of your truck. Allow your truck to dry completely.

Figure 1. Wipe the truck bed clean.

Step 2 - Position the liner in the bed

If it is a one piece, simply drop it in place. For multiple panels, you will need to position the front panel and the side ones first. The bottom part goes in last by snapping into place by locking with the front and sides.

Figure 2. Install the bed liner.

Step 3 - Secure the liner

Secure your bedliner using the kit provided. Some may require additional bolts, but usually it is in the manufacturer's pre-drilled holes. If it requires additional bolts, you will find detailed instructions in the manual provided with it.

Figure 3. Secure the bed liner.

Step 4 - Check the edges for proper fit

Check around the edges to makes sure the liner is lined up perfectly. If it is not lined up nicely with the edges of the bed, take off the bolts and move it around until it aligns properly.

Figure 4. Check edges for proper fit.

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