Ford F-150/F-250: Fog Light Modifications

If you are thinking about upgrading the fog lights on your Ford F-150 or Super Duty, you will find all the information you need here.

By Pizzaman711 - October 21, 2014
Contributors: Raptor05121

This article applies to the Ford F-150 (2004-2014) and F-250, F-350 Super Duty (2005-2014).

Fog lights can both enhance the look of your Ford F-150 or Super Duty truck and improve your vision on foggy days or at night. Some trucks come equipped with OEM fog lights, which you can upgrade, while others come with no fog lights at all. However, all trucks come with a place for the fog lights.

Pro Tips

  • Fog lights perform best with a color temperature of 2500-3000k.
  • Fog lights perform the best with a yellow light.
  • Higher wattage bulbs aren’t always better. Generally these claims are a marketing gimmick. Amount of lumens is what determines output.


Halogen Bulbs

  1. DIY Cost$25-50
  2. Professional Cost$75-150
  3. Skill LevelEasy

Depending on your truck’s current fog light housings, a simple upgrade in the bulb being used can give you a better performance. If you have plastic housings, you can go up to a 45 watt bulb (the 9145 base) without melting the housings. If you have metal housings, you can go up to a 55-65 watt bulb (the 9155 and 9005 base). Note that the 9100 series bulbs will be a direct replacement and the 9005 base bulb will require a little finessing to get in. The OEM bulbs are 45 watts.

HID Bulbs

  1. DIY Cost$50-250
  2. Professional Cost$100-350
  3. Skill LevelEasy

HID lights (High Intensity Discharge) can offer a very large lumen increase over factory bulbs. Due to the nature of these bulbs, most are not DOT approved. I do not recommend these unless you do a proper retrofit with projectors into the fog light housings to gain the cutoff shield needed to properly aim these lights.You can find some that are DOT approved, However they are weaker and they might be just for the looks, and not practicality.

Please note that DOT (Department of Transportation) approved indicates that the federal government has authorized that a product can be sold for use on the streets. However not all States adopt the DOT standard. Therefore, headlights can meet DOT standards and be sold as DOT approved without ever being legal on any vehicle.

LED Bulbs

  1. DIY Cost$50-100
  2. Professional Cost$100-250
  3. Skill LevelEasy

LED lighting is still in its infancy stage, so I recommend staying away from drop in LED replacement bulbs. They can give you a pretty cool look, but if light output is your main concern, you’ll be let down. There are a few exception bulbs out there, but you’ll be paying around double halogen bulb price for a little boost in light output.

Aftermarket Replacement Housings

  1. DIY Cost$50-300
  2. Professional Cost$100-350
  3. Skill LevelEasy

Replacing the housings can not only give your truck a better look, but can also help the fog light output as well. They have more mirror reflection, so they project brighter light. Key things to look for on these are that they are DOT approved, retain the OEM bulb size, and have clear lenses. These will be a direct swap so install is relatively simple.

LED Fog Light Housings

  1. DIY Cost$75-500+
  2. Professional CostParts plus $50-150 labor
  3. Skill LevelModerate

LED replacement housings can either have amazing output or the same downfalls as replacement LED bulbs. In this category, you truly get what you pay for and it is recommended that you read lots of reviews and go through a reputable brand. A majority of these will not be a direct swap. Instead, you will need to mount a mounting bracket or possibly even fabricate one.

Projector Fog Lights

  1. DIY Cost$75 – 500+
  2. Professional CostParts plus $50-500+ in labor
  3. Skill LevelModerate to Hard

Adding projectors is considered one of the most powerful upgrades you can make to your lighting. They have little cuts in the lens called fluting, and they are designed to shape the patterns and give the light a unique look. Projectors come in all different forms from pre-built ones made for halogen bulbs to custom retrofitted ones made for HID bulbs. A custom retrofit will give you the biggest increase in light output, but can also cost a pretty large sum of money. It is recommended that you read lots of reviews and how-to threads if you plan to go this rout. You should also find a reputable builder if you want custom projectors.

Pro Tip

  • Safety first, if upgrading to a higher wattage bulb, stay with 20% or so of the factory heat rating. Overheating the housings can lead to melting them and potentially starting a fire.
  • Stay legal, make sure the fog lighting you choose is DOT approved and meets all standards for state.

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