Ford F-150/F-250: Electric Fan Reviews

The better your fan is, the cooler your Ford F-150 or Super Duty will stay, and the result is a truck running smoothly. Read on for Ford F-150 or Super Duty electric fan reviews.

By Scott Deuty - November 3, 2014

This article applies to the Ford F-150 truck (2004-2014), and the F-250, F-350 Super Duty (2005-2014).

Upgrading to electric fans is a cool way to gain horsepower and improve gas mileage. This simple modification can be performed in a few hours. Although it can be costly at up to $620, the improved performance and gas savings are added value that is worth considering.

Those performing this upgrade have noticed an immediate boost in power. Users claim an increase of 1-2 MPG whereas manufactures claim 2-3 MPG gains. There are additional benefits realized by upgrading to electric fans. Engine temperature control is more accurate allowing the temperature to be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Redundancy can be built in by using two fans in the event one fails or blows a fuse. This redundancy can also involve activating the fans to kick on at different temperature or by having one fan turn on with the AC unit. Fan speed is no longer tied to engine speed thus keeping the engine temperature constant when performing low speed activities such as plowing or crawling along a trail. A fan upgrade leaves more room in the engine by offering lower profile fans and shrouding over the factory setup.

Not all electric fan upgrades are created equal. Options include complete kits with brackets and controllers such as those offered by Troyer and Flex-a-lite to create your own combination using individual TYC fans.

Troyer Performance 16” Dual Fan
Flex a Lite




$145.76 Each


Dual Fans

Dual Fans

Single Fan

Blade Diameter





5,500 CFM

5,500 CFM

5,500 CFM

Brackets Included




Controller Included



Separate Purchase Part Number



Best Quality: Troyer

Best Value: Troyer


Price: $450

Setup: Dual fans with wiring, controller, brackets, and shroud

Blade Diameter: 16 inch

Performance: 5,500 CFM

The Troyer option is the best value at $450. It includes everything that you need to complete your project. The literature addresses adopting the wiring to the F150 factory leads for AC, and other available signals. Troyer claims up to 3 MPG increase. Those that bought the higher end Troyer kit were the most satisfied. Troyer provides custom brackets and individual controllers that improved the available options for triggering the fan and controlling the temperature. Recommended if you are looking for a top performance electric fan.

Flex a Lite 270

Price: $620

Setup: Dual fans with wiring, controller, brackets, and shroud

Blade Diameter: 15 Inch

Performance: 5,500 CFM

At $620 for the 270 model, this option seems a bit pricey for the amount of complaints about the brackets and the electrical performance. Flex-a-lite claims the lowest profile. There were some complaints about the Flex-a-lite brackets and electrical performance. Most of the problems centered on the temperature of the fuse being excessive. Recommended if you are looking for performance fan and you don't mind spending more money.


Price: $450

Setup: Single fan with brackets only

Blade Diameter: Not Available

Performance: 5,500 CFM

Good luck finding much about this manufacturer. Rock auto has some information . There was a TYC individual fan that showed up for $145. A total solution was estimated to be about $450 with controllers. At that cost, it’s better to go with one of the custom kits offered by Troyer or Flex-a-lite. TYC is a kind of a ghost company that comprises different manufacturers. This brand offers a build-your-own option where you buy fans in combinations and then power them with individual controllers. TYC is the low buck option with a bit more risk involved when attempting to find a reliable, optimized solution. You get what you pay for with an upgrade of this nature. The higher cost option will yield better performance in the long run and may keep you from a failure that results in an expensive repair. Recommended if you are looking for a low cost fan.

Pro Tip

Do your research well under the hood and on the internet. Know what you are getting into in terms of wiring, available terminals, and adjusting the pulleys. Get all of the pulley pullers you can from a place like Autozone as you can return them after the job. Some pullers work and some don’t. Getting all of them will save you a trip. Also, some valuable information for measuring temperature and placing the sensors are available in the related discussions.

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