Ford F-150/F-250: Bedliner Reviews

Today buyers can choose from drop-in, spray-on, and roll-on bedliners, and each offers advantages and disadvantages. Here's our list of pros and cons for each type.

November 6, 2014

This article applies to the Ford F-150 (2004-2014) and F-250 Super Duty (2005-2014).

Now that you have purchased your truck, there is an instant upgrade everybody should do, a Bedliner. It will protect your truck, increase its good looks, and add a few more benefits. Read on to find out what best suits you and your needs.

Price $200-800 $400-1,200 $100-200
DIY Level Easy Hard Moderate
Rating Not Recommended Recommended Recommended
Protection Low High Medium

Best Quality: Spray-On

Best Value: Roll-On

There are many options for bed liners, but which one is the best? Years ago drop-in bed liners were the norm, but now there are new options like spray-on and roll-on bedliners that offer distinct advantages over the traditional liner. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of all three types:

Drop-in Liner

Figure 1. Drop in Liner.

Price: $200-800

DIY Level: Easy

Rating: Not Recommended

Protection: Low

A drop-in liner is constructed of hard plastic and is literally dropped in the bed as a layer over the bed to protect it. A drop-in liner is traditionally a cheap option with prices ranging from $200 to $800 and allows for heavy large items to be slid across the surface without your truck's bed receiving any permanent damage. It's also easy to clean and is easy to replace.

Even though a drop-in liner has been around for years and it's relatively cheap, it's not seen as the best choice since water can become easily trapped between the plastic and the steel of your truck's bed. The trapped water can lead to rust. A drop-in liner can also become loose over time, since it's only attached with a series of bolts. Not recommended. A drop-in liner is not recommended for the long term, since it allows water and dirt to get in between it and your truck's bed. It also fades over time.

Spray-on Liner

Figure 2. Spray on liner.

Price: $400-1,200

DIY Level: Hard

Rating: Recommended

Protection: High

A spray-on bed liner, is exactly how it sounds and since it's literally sprayed on your truck's bed, it's able to protect your bed better than a drop-in liner. A spray-on liner is a polyurethane elastomer that is sprayed directly on the bed, which means it won't move around or allow water to sit between it and the truck's bed. A spray-on liner also offers good grip and tends to look newer longer, but it can have a few disadvantages.

A Spray-on liner is pricier than a drop-in liner if you have a professional install it with a price ranging from $400-$500. You can spray it in yourself, but it does take a lot of prep work. Also, if for some reason you decide that you want to remove it, it is not nearly as easy as removing a few bolts like the drop-in liner. Recommended. A spray-on liner is the better option since it adheres directly to your truck's bed.

Roll-on Liner

Figure 3. Roll on Liner.

Price: $100-200

DIY Level: Moderate

Rating: Recommended

Protection: Medium

If you're looking for a cheaper option than the spray-on liner, a roll-on liner is your choice. A gallon of the typical roll-on liner can cost around $100. Just like the spray-on liner, a roll-on liner is applied directly to your truck's bed, but it does take a bit of prep work before you can apply it. The downside, once again, is that it's not as easy to remove as the drop-in liner. Recommended. A roll-on liner adheres directly to your bed just like a spray-on liner, but is much cheaper to apply on your own.

At the end of the day, the choice you make depends on how you plan to use your truck's bed and what your budget is. A drop-in liner is an easy option that allows for items to easily slide across it, but since it can let water and dirt get in between it and your truck's bed, it is not seen as a long term option. A spray-on or roll-on bedliner is often viewed as the better option since they offer better protection, but having a professional apply it can cost a bit more. Either way it's best to have some sort of protection to take care of your truck's bed.

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