Ford F-150: Trailer Hitch Reviews

There are many options for trailer hitches out there, here is a review of some of the top brands on the market today.

By Scott Deuty - December 5, 2014

This article applies to the Ford F-150 (2004-2014).

Finding a hitch is easy when searching the web. Most websites offer pull down selector menus that fit your vehicle. Model choices include Styleside, Flarside, and Super Crew. Product choices let you select the towing class of your choice.

Class 1: 2000 pounds GTW/200 pounds tongue weight
Class 2: 3500 pounds GTW/350 pounds tongue weight
Class 3: 5000 pounds GTW/500 pounds tongue weight
Class 4: 7500 pounds GTW/750 pounds tongue weight
Class 5: 10,000 pounds GTW/1000 pounds tongue weight

Realize that the towing limits for your vehicle as well as the hitch’s planned usage determine the product that you select.
Receiver hitches add more than trailer towing capability. Many accessories are available for the hitch including cargo racks, bike racks, and even winch mounts. Adding any sort of accessory to the hitch such as an extension may change the overall rating. Always be sure to check the manufacturer's specifications so as to ensure a safe towing experience.

CurtDraw-TiteHidden Hitch
Price $114 $110 $159
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime


6,000 6,000 6,000
Weight Distribution 10,000 12,000 12,000


Price: $114

Warranty: Lifetime

GTW: 6,000

Weight Distribution: 10,000

The kit includes hardware and instructions, which include torque specs. The Class IV kit offers additional spacers that provide extra weight distribution to keep the bolt from pulling through the frame. Installation is easy due to the hitch’s bolt pattern matching the F150’s. The rating on the class IV is at 6,000 GTW (Gross Trailer Weight) and 11,000 with weight distribution. Curt hitches in Classes I-IV come with a glossy black finish. Recommended if you are looking for a reputable, dependable brand.


Price: $110

Warranty: Lifetime

GTW: 6,000

Weight Distribution: 12,000

With GTW of 6,000 and installation time of 20 minutes, Draw-Tite is definitely a top competitor. They come with all the mounting hardware and instructions, and they are a direct fit, which means you don't need to drill any holes. Draw-Tite does not include: Electrical Wiring. Hitch Ball, Ball Mount, Pin & Clip, and Hitch Lock. This product has a limited lifetime warranty. Recommended if you are looking for a quality hitch without spending a lot of money.

Hidden Hitch

Price: $159

Warranty: Lifetime

GTW: 6,000

Weight Distribution: 12,000

Hidden Hitch provides a Class IV 87 Series hitch that is rated at 6,000 pounds or 12,00 if you use weight distribution. At $159 it’s pricier than it’s Curt counter part at $114. Hidden hitch claims the application is bolt in without any need for drilling. Estimated installation time is 20 minutes. These hitches are known for their design quality whereas they hug the frame. This adds additional ground clearance as well as keeping the hitch out of sight. Recommended if you are looking for a durable hitch and you don't mind spending the money.


Even though the Curt model has a lower 11,000 pound GTW with weight distribution, its lower price gets the nod. The instruction video also helps the first time installer how to easily balance this heavy load and insure the installation is reliable.

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