Ford F-150: How to Replace Your Billet Grille

Replacing the grille on the Ford F-150 will give it a whole new look. Here's how to do it yourself.

By Tad Brunton - December 2, 2014

This article applies to the Ford F-50 (2004-2014).

Aftermarket billet grilles are available in a lot of styles. The grille is the face of your F-150 and changing it will give your truck a whole new look. But don't take our word for it. Take a look at some of the billet grilles that are already out there. T-Rex and GrillCraft are a couple of popular grille manufacturers. And then there's your imagination.

Tools Needed

  • 6mm socket
  • Flathead screwdriver

Step 1 - Remove four 6mm screws from the top of original grille

With your flathead screwdriver, lift the rubber seal that covers the top of the grille and the screws. The screws should come out easily and quickly.

Figure 1. Remove the screws holding the grille in place.

Step 2 - Release the spring clips on the bottom of the grille

Pry the five spring clips loose and then gently pull the grille away from the truck, top end first. The grille should practically slide out of its position and into your arms. It's not very heavy but hold on tight so it won't fall to the floor. If you are replacing the entire grille, proceed to Step 4. For Billet Grille inserts, proceed to Step 3.

Figure 2. Pry the springs open.

Step 3 - Slide the billet grille inserts into place

Place the accompanying brackets on the billet, and insert bolts that poke through to the back of the grille. Tighten these nuts by hand and then snug them all up when nuts are on all bolts.

Figure 3. Tighten the billet bolts.

Step 4 - Re-install the grille

Place the grille into the original position and push the bottom end in first. When it is securely in place, you will hear a "snap." Then gently push the top of the grille into place.

Step 5 - Re-install the screws

Re-install the screws (6mm) to the top of the grille and tighten them with your socket wrench. If you are replacing the entire grille, don't forget to remove the Ford logo from your old grille and re-install it on to the new Billet Grille. You are ready to go.

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