Ford F-150/F-250: Interior Specifications

The F-Series truck's interior is the most familiar space in our car, as it is where we interact with the car the most. Here are the specifications of the interior.

By Cynthia Griffith - November 21, 2014

This article applies to the Ford F-150 (2004-2014) and F-250 Super Duty (2005-2014).

If you are the owner of an F-series truck, getting to know your interior is a great idea. Below you will find a detailed guide and overview of all of your truck’s interior essentials. From this page you can access several interior tricks and tips as well as repair and towing information by reading through and clicking on the links that interest you most.

Component Breakdown

The components of your truck’s interior include:

SYNC with My Ford Touch System/No Touch System

This component contains climate controls, entertainment, Bluetooth, and personalized features. Its purpose is to aid you in finding and playing music, iTunes tagging, portable media device syncing, adjusting the climate of your vehicle, and engaging in the best possible driving experience. Voice command features also help to maintain a safe driving environment where hands can remain on the steering wheel. Changing the color of your ambient lighting, personalizing vehicle settings, and more can be done via your SYNC system. You can refer to this helpful video for troubleshooting, Bluetooth tips, and more.

Figure 1. SYNC with your Ford.

Navigation System

The Navigation system can be found inside of your SYNC Touch or No Touch. You can set favorite destinations and find your way around new territory by accessing this convenient feature.

Figure 2. Navigation system.

Sony Audio System

The dash, doors, and rear of your vehicle are pre-installed with Sony audio speakers for an amazing listening experience. The F-150 has 4 speakers, while the Super Duty is equipped with 8 and a subwoofer. This system can be controlled via voice commands, your touch screen, and the physical controls located in the front of your vehicle. Static in your speakers or interior electrical problems could be related to a faulty audio system. It is advisable to visit a mechanic if either of these scenarios occur.

Figure 3. Sony audio system.

Adjustable Tilt/Telescoping Steering Column

This adjustable essential was designed to make cutting corners that much simpler. With the pull of a lever, you can move your steering wheel up and down to ensure your legs are comfortable and you see the gauges clearly. You can also move the steering wheel forward and backward. This gives you the freedom of being away from the dashboard, yet close to the steering wheel. If you sense that your car is idling, your steering wheel is squealing, or you’re having difficulty making turns, this could be the result of a faulty steering column.

Figure 4. Steering column.


Both interior and exterior lights are controlled from the inside of the car. The interior of the F-series truck is very customizable. It can be easily changed to LED lights, giving the interior of the vehicle a cool, blue feel. They sell complete interior light kits that replace all the bulbs on the inside of the truck. Some people like to take it to the next level by drilling holes, adding more lights, and completely changing the look of the interior; they also sell kits for that. If you repeatedly experience lighting fixture problems, this could be a symptom of an underlying electrical error.

Figure 5. Lighting.


The Ford F-150 alarm was designed to activate even if you lock your doors on the inside. You can find some useful tips here for resetting the alarm. If your alarm won’t stop sounding, you might need to have it looked at.

Figure 6. Alarm.

Key Fob Remote

Your key fob remote is a helpful hands-free accessory for locking and unlocking your car. Handy tip: you can use your key fob remote to open your car window from the outside.

Figure 7. Remote key.

Six-Speed Select Shift Transmission

This particular transmission is perfect for towing and hauling. To maintain excellent performance, it is advisable to select tow/haul mode when required. Any loss of power, lack of acceleration, or stuttering could be a symptom that your transmission is in need of repair.

Figure 8. Transmission.

Rearview Camera

This handy accessory helps you when backing out of a driveway or parking lot. Simply glance down at the screen for a look at what’s behind you.

Figure 9. Rearview camera.

Temperature Control

This is yet another way to control the interior temperature of your truck. It is always advisable to test air-conditioning in the winter and heat in the summer to prepare for any necessary repairs in advance.

Figure 10. Temperature control.

Heater and A/C Core

Varying models of diagrams and maintenance suggestions are available depending upon the year your truck was released. You can also purchase a maintenance manual that will guide you through DIY repairs.

Memory Seats

These seats remember the position of your driver’s seat and adjust themselves accordingly.

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Figure 11. Memory seats.

Remote Start System

Enjoy starting your car from up to 325 feet away with this unique remote start system feature. Starting your car in a well ventilated area will help you avoid malfunctions.

Universal Garage Door Opener

Not only can you start your car from inside of your home, you can also open your garage while inside your car. Get started in learning the ins and outs of utilizing your universal garage door opener to its fullest capacity by clicking here.

Scheduled Maintenance

Basic maintenance such as engine oil and coolant changes, windshield washer fluid maintenance, and transmission fluid checks can be performed at home if you are confident in your mechanical skills. The maintenance section of your owner’s manual will take you through the process step-by-step.

Common Questions

How do I remove interior door panels?

Break out your ¼ inch drive socket set and follow these instructions.

How do I install an interior LED package?

This is a lengthy process that will require you to take apart the whole unit, and it might require the help of a professional.

How do I turn off my interior lights so they don’t go on when opening the door?

Simply adjust the switch on your interior light to off from auto to off.

What is the best way to clean my interior?

Microfiber towels and organic products work best when cleaning F 150 interiors.

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