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[quote=michaelmilburn;9855422]tomorrow I'll pop off the dist cap and find out what it is. but I want to replace it also so i can rule that out and it's time for it anyway.

I popped off the valve covers and it looked like a mud wrestling tournment in there, I will replace the fuel line from the pump and pop in a new filter.

what's a good internal engine cleaner to remove build up? I like slick 50[/quote

If you pull the distributor, mark exactly where the rotor is pointing at and replace it with the rotor pointing as close as possible to that mark. Also, ensure the wire located at that mark is to the same cylinder as originally pulled. Do not turn over the engine at all while the distributor is out. If you do this, the timing should be close enough to start the engine assuming everything else is functional. Tthen you can set the timing from there. Slick 50 is supposed to ake your engine last longer, but most would say it's Snake oil. I used it once in two 1994 GM vehicles. The one ran great for 233,000 miles until I traded it in. the other one has 110,000 on it without any issues. Of course they may have also done all of this without the Slick 50. I once used Rislone, and some people use SeaFoam engine treatment. Neither are motor oil, and both will thin your oil and I suspect provide less wear protection. If you were to use either, I would recommend somewhere of in the neighborhood of 100 miles and then do a fileter and oil change. Motor oil contains detergents and changing it regularly should help prevent sludge build-up. Of course if your engine is severely worn, if you take short trips and if extend oil change intervals, the sludge may be unavoidable.
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