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Originally Posted by Hickfied View Post
I''ve never tried the swap, but it may be simpler to leave the floor pans and firewall from the 97 on the frame, and cut the 79's out and set the cab on that. Mainly due to wiring, heat/ac, steering, etc. I know swapping a Ford F1 onto a S10 chassis this is the easiest way.

Most people think I'm nuts when I tell them I'm thinking about taking the 97 firewall and putting it on the 79... same profile as the 97 has obviously, and I'd take the heater and stuff and hide it behind the 79 dash..... really won't know how it fits until it gets there though... anyone tried this?

Daytona... I'm not sure what you're saying. the 97 7.3 vs 460 cabs different or are you suggesting that I swap my 79 onto a 97ish 460? or?

I just sold a 97 460 truck, and looked at it enough to convince me that the 7.3 really wasn't that much bigger.... bigger enough to cause me too much grief anyways, that's to be determined. I measured firewall-rad clearance on 79 vs 97, and it's almost bang on, but after looking at the firewall profile I think the 79 cab would have to be farther back from the diesel to make it fit... won't be sure until I set the cab on the frame but swapping firewalls isn't something I'm opposed to.... the tranny tunnel might help too after looking at how tight the NP435 is stuffed under there. I'm not sure about the ZF fitting without having to raise the cab until it looks goofy.
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