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Originally Posted by slickrock01 View Post
If I cared about fuel milage and economy I'd be driving a Prius, I own a Super Duty 4x4 because that's what I need for my towing and hauling and lifestyle.
Same here. But I'll take better fuel economy if they can offer it without cutting capacities (but apparently they cant as jsimon indicated). I dont think a prius fits the bill. I am hoping for say getting 15-17mpg consistantly, not 40 . My Bronco gets about 7MPG btw, last time I checked. I plan on putting fuel injection and some other things on it to improve that. Would you not give a rats a$$ about it if your truck got 7MPG? 3MPG? Yes, I care about MPG. And No, I dont want them to make it gutless to do it. In some cases engine technology improvements can lead to higher mpg. However, I dont think there is much more to be had with our trucks. Diesels have gotten worse in recent years (unless you illegally undue some of the emissions 'improvements') but gas motors I think are reaching there peak efficiency and little more gains can be expected. BTW none of my trucks have power anything really, both my pickups are XL all manual from windows to tranny. So dont think I've got some soccer mom vehicle.
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