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If I cared about fuel milage and economy I'd be driving a Prius, I own a Super Duty 4x4 because that's what I need for my towing and hauling and lifestyle.

I sure as hell hope Ford doesn't turn the Super Duty into a gutless soccer mom truck like dodge has done .

If I wanted to store little drink boxes of juice in my floorboards I'd carry a cooler, I really hope Ford isn't going to make a work truck Super Duty into a wanna be Green Mobile...tundra stock will go through the roof if Ford starts gutting its Super Duty line in the name of fuel economy.

this 2008 F250 Super Duty XLT 4x4 I have already has too much wussy soccer mom items on it as it is! Make it less able to haul and tow and start worrying about MPG over function and ability and I'll be first in line begging tundra for a 3/4 ton in their line.
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