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hi,the 478-549's listed for dodge are IH engines. they made the DV 550 for tractors also, ran good but didn't have the torque of the 6's. a couple of guys made them run really good in tractor pullers. Reo made a v-8, 390 used later in white trucks, was equal to a 391 ford. when my dad drove truck in the 60's a friend of ours ran 534 gas tractor and he could run with the 220 cummins deisels pulling 60,000 gvw. the latter 534's went to different heads, the intake had individual runners and better exhaust. GMC also used a HD 454 for a short time, same deck hight as car, was on par with the 460 ford. i know of a few 534's that run hot, grain trucks and Floater trucks, usually partially blocked radiators and gunk buildup in the block from setting most of the time. try back flushing the block, also check the timing. if you want somthing different try a 430 linc. it was developed the same time as the 534, is a lot lighter, a little shorter, and they made cams and intakes for it, 3x2's, fuel inj., and a blower. a 430 won the 59 nationals. iit has the same bore spacing as a 460, i wonder !!!
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