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Talking your 332

Originally Posted by Rheems1 View Post
Hi there, new to the board also... I am a volunteer firefighter and have driven many different firetrucks with different motors in them. I figured I would throw my 2 cents in on this topic. I can remember a Ford C/Hamerly tanker I drove.. it pulled 2,500 gallons of water through a 5 speed transmission.... it was slow as sin... I mean SLOW (as has been noted here) used to try to come up with the best way to get to calls without doing hills. It was retired in 1998 with 38,000 miles on it, it still ran but it was starting to limp pretty badly. The Kennett Fire Department in Chester County, Pa had another Ford C tanker (with a Bruco body) that had the 429 Ford in it... they said that it drove much better than thier pumper (which had a 534 in it) and would routinely go faster than it (the pumper carried 1,000 gallons of water compared to the 2,000 on the tanker). Both seem like good motors to me..... I have another friend that has a 1961 Ford F-700 with and American LaFrance body on it... it is supposed to have a 332 in it.. but everyone who looks at it says that there is no way it is a 332.. it is to small and it is Gold in color (which I guess the 332 never was)... it moves the truck pretty well though (300 gallons of water in a 1,000 gallon tank). Moving to Cornbinder power... there was a ladder truck at one of the fire schools around us that had an I-H 549 motor in it.... it was very loud and sound like it was moving pretty well... but it was also slow. Plus it had TERRIBLE overheating problems... on a fire department ladder truck... a hydraulic pump is run off a PTO from the transmission... so the drive engine also powers the ladder on it. The engine runs at about 1,700rpms when you are using the ladder (activated by a high throttle switch)... if you ran the ladder for more than 10 minutes the manifold would glow red and you could cook on it. I couldn't imagine this was normal... but I saw it in another piece that had the International 549 motor in it.. if you pumped with it (pump is PTO driven) for any amount of time the manifold would glow red and you would have to keep the engine covers open (which didn't help that much it didn't seem). Continental made alot of large gas engines for the fire service as did Hall-Scott, Waukesha and Lycoming... Lycoming motors were standard in American LaFrance fire trucks from 1948 through 1959 (the 700/800 series pieces).. most of them were Lycoming J V12 motors with dual ignition (of course).... they were airplane motors basically.. if you lost your engine book from American LaFrance... you were up a certain creek without a paddle.... the only person who could really tune it up was an airplane mechanic.... another gashog but a very powerful motor. FWD, Ward LaFrance, Hahn, Peter Pirsch and Maxim all used Waukesha gas motors as standard equipment on thier pieces (unless you speced a diesel at which point you got a 6'71 Detroit). Those were all some very tough, bulletproof motors (although the Waukesha had a problem with throwing rods and/or self destructing if worked to hard). The 543 Ford always seemed a bit doggish for it's functions.... if you compare it to some of the GMC V-6 motors of that time it is sort of hard to fight for the Ford motor... although they were built tough. I can remember having a Ford C/Hahn pumper that I drafted (pulled water from a pond and than a river) with for 6 hours... we moved 3 million gallons of water in that time.... she was running pretty high up in the RPM range (around 1,900 or so) but it didn't overheat or cause problems... it just pumped merrily away. That piece had a Ford 534 in it as well... good motors for the fire service.

Dave Fritz
hi david, the 332 you have is an old HD332 truck version of the early lincoln y-block, 52-57, it was olso used in trucks from 52-64. 279 & 317 from 52-55, and 302 & 332, from 56-64. used in f-8, and 800's. it has side by side ports like an early olds. very dependable motors.
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