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Originally Posted by fabmandelux View Post
Well, I'm impressed with the number of people who make and use there own bio (24) but there are a bunch that want to start making there own. What about it guys......Let's see if we can help these people get started! Anyone that voted to start making bio should start threads to gather as much info as you can. I'm sure that all us that do will help YOU get started!
I'm a blender right now, but I would dearly LOVE to start making bio. I even have a buddy who is all set up and cookin' about 70 miles away.

Only one obstacle. OIL. I can't seem to get any. I've even gone so far as to make flyers and distribute them to a few dozen local restaurants offering a buck a gallon for WVO!.

NO TAKERS. Looks like the renderers have all the oil locked up tight in my area. Now if there is some way you could help me out with that, then I'd REALLY be grateful!

BTW, what I'm blending is SVO that I paid almost $3 a gallon for. I could convert that into bio, but by the time I did, the cost would be equal to commercial bio (I can get bio in bulk for $4.25 a gallon right now). and I would have put all the time & effort into producing it and dealing with glycerol disposal, etc. Since the SVO doesn't require anything but mixing 15%-20% with RUG, and then adding the blend to my tank 50/50 with regular #2, it doesn't make sense to make bio out of it - that would actually cost me more money AND the extra time & effort...
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