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I didn't vote because I'm a "none of the above" anymore. I buy b100 when it's warm and use it. 50 kickback on my state taxes doesn't hurt that either At one point I was hoping to set up a small processing plant at home but I've decided against it. The oil is harder & harder to come by here in Eugene. I do have about 60 gallons in my garage that I need to get filtered out & start blending in my tanks this summer.

After that I'm going to use my filtering setup for WMO instead. I think for the near foreseeable future that's going to be easier to come by than used veggie oil. My truck is not a daily driver, it only gets used when we need to pack the horse someplace for a show/camping etc. or for fence work/yard work & that kind of thing.

There's only one place in Eugene (retail anyway, I'm NOT getting a gas/fuel credit card) to get bio at all. It's fairly convenient if I drive the truck to work, not so much otherwise.

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