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Originally Posted by Sandidande View Post
Thanks Roger,

Well with that measurement, my eyes etc, that tells me the F1 and F2+ back fenders are the same length. The F2+ fenders may have accomodations for the raised bed sides though. This tells us if you have 38.5 inches from the center of your axel to the back edge of the bed side (where the tailgat closes), either fender will fit length wise!

If not, then there has to be some way to squeeze an inch or two out of a set of longer bed sides to squeeze in the fender.

I can't find the picture of Rogers bed on it's nose to look at the wheel cut outs (I'm sure it's hidden in one of the paint color threads or something silly), but perhaps Doraville could measure the 53+ back fenders from the front inner edge to the back inner edge and we can see how much difference we have between the two types of fenders.

What I'm looking for is how much distance the current fenders are taking up, and how that would compare with the F2/F3 fenders - will they fit. and if the F2/F3s are too long, by how much - 1 inch 3 inches 6 inches?

Hi 52MercM3!!!!! Welcome to the fun...we almost have the answer!!!!!...Could this be another case of Fordamese twins separated at birth and finally finding the other after all these years? Canadian Merc?

Oh and one last stupid Question for Doraville: Do you want to have the short bed configuration or would you be willing to put an 8 ft stock F2/F3 bed on it?

If I understood the question, the '53 fenders on my truck appear to be about 57" long at the point where the fender meets the bed. The distance from the center of the rear wheel to the back of the fender is about 29" on my truck. Even then, I don't think that the axle is centered in the wheel opening (they cheated a little bit and scooted the fenders forward in order to get the bed shorter). As you said, the length from the center of the wheel opening to the rear of the fender on the 51-52 is longer, which is probably why they didn't use them on this "rig box".

On the last question... I'm not really interested in a long bed. I had my heart set on a short bed F1 (it's a shame I didn't buy one!).

I'm already scouting for another truck. Anyone know how hard it is to reverse a suicide door conversion?

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