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Originally Posted by 52MercM3 View Post
Hi Guys,
I'm also a newbie to this forum, just signed up because of this thread. I've also just run into a couple of the same issues. When I picked up my truck it was a farm truck with a rotten flat bed and because the running boards had obviously been hacked with a torch I knew it was originally an express box. I haven't had any luck finding a raised panel box so i picked up an 8 foot box and thought it would be good enough for now with the proper fenders on it.
And this is where the fun starts. I don't know the exact year of the box, but it won't fit without chopping about 8" off the FRONT ( to center the bed side wheel indents). From my cab to the center of the rear axle is 47" and there is 54" from the front of the new box to the wheel indent center. I doesn't look like there is room to cut a full 10" off the back with the 52 fenders though. May end up with a 6' 10" box., granted, longer wheel base. The other intresting thing is the box has only has the middle stake pocket, maybe Ford changed them after 56 again. The drivers fender also has the fuel filler neck in in.

Hope that helps,

My bed is about 48" (could be 47, depending on how you measure) from the front of the box to the wheel indent center.

My bed really looks likes it's been whacked off at the back.

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