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Lol.......What I've done today.....Hummm

Today.........I broke the leaf springs off the axle and ground down the rust ,painted both the springs and 3" mounting brackests.

This is a 2wd 1991 F150 super cab , I am replacing the suspension with a 1982 f-350 2wd Dually suspension.

It all started with an AOD transmission swap to a HD C6. (this went clean , with the exception of having to replace the steering column of a 4 speed selector to a column with a 3 speed selector)

In my parts hunt I found an f350 frame and suspension for free.
After doing a little mesuring and research I found Ford used the same frame from 1980 -1996. The mounting brackets were different sizes. the frames have all the holes in the same spots though. So with a 4" grinder I started cutting the rivits off and swapping the brackets. I have drilled the frame and brackets out for 1/2" bolts. The front end went in clean also. The rear is a bit of a chore .

This Axle is a Dana 70 1-ton , with a 4:10 gear set. with the addition of a posi-locking differental . The truck will be quite a tractor when finished.

It's definitely not going to be a daily driver, but when it's application is needed in life , it should be plenty.

I really want to finish it off with a set of 24.5" Bud Hub Piloted semi-truck rims all the way around. 24.5" rims with factory tires are around 41" tall. The mileage on these tires is outragiously high @ 350,000 . And the rims and tires should not be to hard to find used.

It's just like building models when I was younger , just on a much larger scale today.

Here is some photos of the process :
Flickr: Photos & Video from noneshere
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