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I have a 79 F-600 crewcab, and a 76 F-150 that I converted, and I sold a 76 Ranger XLT with deluxe interior crewcab this past year. mine were all rust-free california trucks, but now that they are here in the midwest, I'm anxious to protect them from roof rust. I sprayed inside the seams and hidden spaces before I moved here, with undercoating and/or paint. I replaced the headliners in my F-600 with shiney white board stuff for bathrooms using the remains of the old ones for templates. it is a hair thicker, but the center strip still works. the XLT padded headliners in my F-150 are in bad shape, so I would like to find good ones, or convince someone making repros to make a rear one (its just a different cut of the same stuff).
my 76 F-250 had front shoulder belts, but the cab I used on my stretched F-150 is a 75 cab, so it didnt have anything. I welded in the retractors from the old cab into the rear of the new crewcab, it was pretty easy, and the spotwelds were all in the same spots, even though one cab was a San Jose 76 cab, and one was michigan truck/canada without shoulder belts. that was the back seats, for the front, I found that 78-82 Fairmont WITHOUT the deluxe interior had a self-contained front seat belt that had its own plastic cover that bolted to the flat panel down low, and I made a secure anchor with 3/8 steel plate up where the shoulder anchor goes up top. so I have shoulder belts front and back on that one. I decided to forgo shoulder belts on the F-600 due to slightly rougher ride. the F-500-up trucks had lap belts identical to the 67-72 F-series pickups to match the 68-72 dashboard. on the F-600 I wanted carpet, so I took a pickup floor without the bolt in tranny hump, and made a cover to go over the lower F-600 hump, so I can use pickup carpet. I also converted to the factory green tinted windows from the clear windows it came with. I got deluxe locking vent windows from a 79 F-150, and converted the rear windows from front windows (changed tracks) I have a stock slider, but I kinda like the plain window since I cant reach the window from the drivers seat. I would like to see someone make the padded insets for the rear door panels, as well as the front (as well as the whole panels for the rear) I liked the inserts in my XLT crewcab with cloth seats, and want them for both my remaining crews. I eventually intend to get two camper special beds, and a regular long bed, and make a 12 foot bed using the spare tire doors to make a pass-through section in the first 4 ft behind the cab. and use 56-76 stepside fenders to make dually fenders, and several sets of F-600 steps, and longbed stepside steps to make factory looking running boards behind the step tanks. I thought about using a cab roof to make a sleeper type of filler over the 4 ft section, and then use a factory bed cap as well. I also would like dennis carpenter to make the crewcab specific rear door and center post trim, I had to make rear door strips from old bed strips, but I left one end open out of laziness.
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