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Originally Posted by mmorto
I am not well informed as of yet. Can you tell me how to find SCT and the RPS Ranger Forum? I want to work on a 2.5 and am having trouble finding much of anything for it. Thanks
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Way to go I am working on a high HP 2.5L right now hope to hit 450+ HP aiming for a 10sec pass in the 1/4. I have over 2000$ just in the bare motor as of now. I am going with a large cam, I got the crower rods, wiesco pistons, gapless rings, large valve head ported and polished about to the max. I know I will hit 450RWHP with large injectors I may even go up to 500RWHP.


As for RPS I can not post it on here or the post won't go up, it's filtered lol. You will see a link to RPS on the front page of my sight.
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