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Originally Posted by I_Thnk_Ford
Thanks Jess,
I am glad to hear that it still gets 20 plus at that horse power.
I have owned 250 crews and a single cab for sometime but have always been a pinto fan at heart. Still am but now that I have 14 years of marriage under my belt, my wife has not been as "coming around" on the Pinto thing. So, we agreed on a Triumph Spitfire. It's not Ford, but it's motor can be. There are some that have done this conversion but don't know about the turbo conversion. I can't have my light Pinto to wrap around a 275 hp 2.3, but now maybe I can have still have a light "sports car" with a healthy 2.3.

Jess, do you mind I link your web page to other posts on other forums?

I am sure others would like to know about this conversion.

Just FYI these cars weigh in as low as 1900 lbs to 2300lbs. Could you imagine a 275+ hp motor in one of these in a 1/4 - 1/8 mile?

Robert P.
Way to go!!

A car that light with 275HP will be crazy quick.

Yea post my web sight any where you would like that is fine with me.

keep us updated on your prodject
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