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Originally Posted by whd507
I know, but there is so little information about FT engines in the FE forum, I figured I'd get more help here.

360 pistons have a differnt pin height, wouldnt they hit the head?
No. Your pistons now have a humongus dish in 'em. They have a 1.757" compression height. 360 pistons only have valve reliefs, no dish, and have 1.776" compression height. This will give you .016" deck clearance. This is as perfect as you can get in this motor. This should yield 9:1 compression. I'd also change the cam out to a Crane 343901. This should wake up that 391 a good bit. Keep in mind that the heads have small ports and valves, and dont flow very well. So it wont perform as well as with 390 heads. But for low end torque these mods will help a lot.
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