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I am trying NEW things. A Ford F450 and Lloyd mats. They are the best carpeted mats. The only complaints I have ever heard is fit. They seem to fit some vehicles better than others. I will let you know how they fit when I get them this week. I ordered the Ultimat as the Luxe are too plush for my uses. Lloyd mats click here: Custom Fit Car Truck & SUV Floor Mats All Weather and Custom Mats I ordered them from 2015 Ford F-450 Floor Mats at with the "Built Ford Tough" Logo on all 3 mats.

Weathertech's multple buildings are 10 minutes away. I remember when he was this little operation and you could get him on the horn when you ordered. He now has like 8 plus buildings in Bolingbrook along I-55. I think he might own the whole street lining 55 at some point in that town! I like the Weathertech but you either like the look or don't. They are top notch and do exactly as they say. They will also outlast your vehicle. I just wanted something plush! SO I went with the Lloyds. No comment on quality as they aren't here!

As you can tell I like variety. For instance I have had plastic bedliners, Line-X, Rhino....back in the 90's, and for this one I am going with a BedRug BedTred. Why? The Rhino had a tendency to scar and tare. The line-X was the best spray in and I mean it's the best spray it. HOWEVER you can still dent your bed. My Line-X looked brand new when I sold it because I kept one sheet of 1/2" ply down when I used the bed. Kind if defeats the purpose of spending a grand only to cover it up!!! Some care about it being permanent and how they scuff the paint to do it and act as if it's a negative. I don't get it as Line-X is the best no rust solution! It's really a stupid argument. Line-X is best looking, tuff stuff, won't fade but offers no protections...NO protection from dents! Zero!! Zilch. Depending on how you use your truck that is a big consideration.

Plastic liners look cheap, take up valuable bed length BUT protect your bed. I have put items that dented the plastic floor and when removed they pop back up. Still ugly ugly ugly. They also allow things to slide which is both good and bad. Good for loading usually. BAD when you accelerate and decelerate. Also they scratch your bed underneath by rubbing. But cheap!

Bedrug BedTred I am hoping ends up smack in the middle. Protection from dents as it's padded, some skid resistance, and kind of the look of a spray in. Looks better than a plastic liner and not as good as a spray in. I'll still use that ply to protect the bed against big objects but it's under $400 delivered so we will see. I hope we see more liners like BedTred in the future. They seem to offer more flexibility. Right now you have spray ins that protect against rust and are tough to scratch.......they all can scratch but offer zero dent resistance and are the most expensive. While plastic liners protect the bed the best but rub the paint off underneath and look cheap and take up a lot of bed space. A drop in molded mat might be just what we were looking for. Time will tell.

*****ALSO I have a factory gooseneck hitch. So you really can't use a plastic liner as there are 5 holes in the floor. The spray in seems best BUT the hole caps rise above the spray in. THis makes it difficult to slide in ply, lumber, and long items. We took a hole saw and cut the Bed Tred and the caps sit just about flush! Pretty cool. Just a pain to drill them out perfect. On a Ford we used a 2 1/8" and 3 1/8" hole saw. Time will tell on this one as well!
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