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pdqford has a good reputation on FTE.pdqford has a good reputation on FTE.pdqford has a good reputation on FTE.
Originally Posted by alloro View Post
OTOH misfires allow excess fuel into the exhaust, in turn the O2 sensors see less oxygen
Actually, the misfire causes the oxygen to not be consumed, and therefore the O2 sensor sees too much oxygen and tries to compensate by adding more fuel.

You want to check the freeze frame data to see if the engine was under load when the code set. If it was , check the fuel filter and the fuel pump pressure. Inadequate fuel supply can cause a lean misfire and/or the lean code. Additionally the freeze frame will show the fuel trims so you can see if the PCM was trying to compensate, and if it was compensating on one or both banks.

If the engine was unloaded look for a vacuum leak.
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