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Originally Posted by 77&79F250 View Post
Drop the tank or lift the bed, dropping the tank is easier IMO. Bed bolts are usually really rusty and during the removal process the you will mess up the square lock flange in the bed.

The rheostat, arm float and pick up tube are all one.

The filter sock is bonded to the end of the pick up tube with some kind of material that is fuel resistant.
So I can just get the filter sock off as well as I can I guess. That's what I thought on the rheostat. I have had the bed off before, and the first time I took the bolts off, they were really rusty. But I cleaned them up and put anti-seize on the bolts, so for now, I think it would be easier to lift the bed up. I still have to over to MO to see this field of Ford dreams you go to.
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