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Originally Posted by mikeo0o0o0 View Post
Use an ohm meter to check the resistance. I can't remember the value off the top of my head, I'll have to look them up.
Hook the meter's leads to the terminals of the sending unit. Move the float arm, the needle should move with the arm.
Do the same to the bad unit, chances are, the needle won't move when you move the float arm.

EDIT: 8-12 ohms full and 70-73 ohms empty.
On the pull and pay sending unit, the ohms are within tolerance. I'll have to lift my bed a little bit to get at my old one. Is there a way to replace just the rheostat, or is it easier to do as a complete unit? Also, I want to put a new filter screen on, but not sure how to get the old one off. Don't want to damage it. Thanks.
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