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Originally Posted by Ace_of_Spades View Post
Was wondering what the options and better choices are in swapping out the front end on my '89 F-250 are. Replacing the bushings and everything else has not helped this tired front end and I would like to try something different. Is there a site or group of videos that goes into detail on the how-to that someone could point me to? I do use my truck mainly for "truck work" and not much for fun, but would like to keep it versatile. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Originally Posted by BruteFord View Post
For starters what's wrong with what ya got?

If using the ruck for "truck work" a SAS will make it taller.
That is exactly what I was thinking, BruteFord.

And not to take a THING away from Diesel_Brad's "How To," which should DEFINITELY be a "Sticky," if anything should, but I do NOT understand this (frequently-expressed) sentiment that the TTB front end is a bad thing. (So, I'm not trying to "pick on" you, Ace_of_Spades..., because I see this a lot).

Ever hit a curb, under heavy braking, with just ONE SIDE of the truck (no less!) going at least 20-25mph, when "Young, Dumb and Full of...(well, you know the rest)." I did, with my little, 2x4, Shorty '72 F-100. WHAMB! (And believe me, your head will almost hit the headliner! I'm lucky, because I think my [shorter] passenger almost did hit her head--I hit on the passenger's side. And IIRC, we were wearing the lap belts--no shoulder belts on a '72--at least, not on my '72 "stripper" F-100).

The truck JUMPED the curb, ended up sitting with two wheels on the road, two wheels on the sidewalk), and it didn't get knocked out of alignment AT ALL. (I had purchased the truck as a total loss, "unwrecked it" and restored it, with much help from my Dad, and had the TTB alignment done by an expert, just once--PRIOR to my "Curb Stunt," and I still have the truck, 30+ years later--with the same alignment-job).

This (locally) well-known front end alignment shop expert, while sitting down in a PIT (remember those?), used a foot-controlled, "air over hydraulic" bottle-jack, to literally BEND the TTB arms, precisely, just enough to get it into spec.--after I had bought it (wrecked), restored it, again, before I pulled my "curb stunt."

Side Bar: "Do Not Bend"? I noticed on a '95 F150, recently, that it says, right on the TTB: "Do Not Bend," IIRC. Perhaps Diesel_Brad could explain why that is? (I'm not located where I can see if this is also cast into the TTB of the '72 F-100).

And later on, I drove my $500., 1988 F-150 2x4, 4.9, RCLB, for 10 YEARS, on the same alignment I had done when I first got it (expensive--a ball joint and alignment cost me like $345., on my $500. truck, which freaked me, at the time--LOL). But over 10 YEARS, I had ZERO issues with the TTB, in terms of abnormal tire wear, pulling, wheel centering, etc.... And it rode great.

And I never did anything except grease these front ends.

I believe the "Rock Crawler Crowd" likes the SAS, for their extreme duty, but for the DD, or (NICE-riding, relatively-speaking) WORK TRUCK, I can't understand why one would want to do a SAS.

Re: heavier trucks, the TTB in my "'96/'97" 4x4, F-250 H.D. SCLB was one thing I never had a complaint about and, possibly because of the longer wheelbase, that truck, despite being a 4x4, rode as well as my lighter, F150 2x4, which is to say, it rode, tracked and drove GREAT, and comfortably, at 125,000+ miles.

Ace_of_Spades, may I ask, what, exactly, is not to your satisfaction with, as you put it, "...this tired front end...", with your TTB, especially since it sounds like you've "done your homework," and all your maintenance/repairs, faithfully? And how many miles are on the truck, and how many, since you've rebushed, etc...?

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