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Fast Idle Cam Not Setting

Hey guys i have the same problem with me edelbrock carb. From a cold engine, pushing accelerator to the floor and the fast idle cam does NOT fall into position so have a real hard time starting in the morning. After she is warmed up runs fine. Until it cools down again. The more it cools the harder it gets to start.

To the guy who started this thread did you ever find out the problem?

When it finally does start, i have to sit in the truck with foot on gas to keep in fast idle long enough to warm it up. It never starts with one pump to the floor so i have to give a little more gas and then i assume it drops off fast idle cam at that point so i have to hold down gas until it warms up.

I will check all linkage blockage today and anything obvious. I saw this thread looking for answers so thought you might have some input. Morning starts are a pain in the butt I would like to hit that key after one pump and it lock on fast idle but id does now.

Any input is appreciated.
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