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Relocation advice - sold my house

So I finally sold my house that has been golden handcuffs for the last 12 years. (Pot sales apparently have driven a pretty huge real estate market drive, bigger than the flood damage.) I got almost exactly what I wanted out of it (had to hold onto it 11 years after my situation changed - got about 10% appreciation in 10 yr)

Rent is sky high, well not Manhattan high, but it's seen something over 50% increase personally. Landlord did 25%, then 20%, and now 33% in the last 15 months).

I'm sick of this state (Colorado)... I know a great many people grow sick of their state and Colorado is ranked really high on 'where I would rather be', but lets say that for a number of reasons I want out.

If it was you, single, no kids, no property (anymore), no reason to stay (job is inconsequential). Where would you relocate to. And guys/gals this is a pretty serious question, we all dream of living on a beach in Key West, but how many of us want to relocate there permanently.

You can give reasons, justifications, or not at all. Just tell me where your thoughts take you. I have several candidates, but I want more ideas (sorry not that much of a creative type when it comes to dreaming up stuff).

Some notes, I am keeping the truck manual (modern) and drum brake (restored), no AC. I have enough money to relocate so this isn't a help me on a budget cry for help. I like the warm weather, a lot, very a lot - one of the top 5 reasons for leaving CO is the -30 degree winters.

I only have 1 rule for this thread:
If someone posts a place, reasons, even places to not and reasons to not, do not attack those places, reasons, or them, etc - keep your posts to input not repudiation. (I will ask a mod to lock the thread or delete comments if I have to, but I don't want that, I want input.)

Oh and if you have a lovely picture of said location, be sure to include the truck when possible.
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