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that'd be awesome, Nate. the bills are piling up fast, but it'd be nice to have everything new while i'm in there - and not have to tear into it again down the road. aside from valves and seals, the rocker arm and spring retainers will be the only old stuff left under my valve covers when i'm done.

though the next question is - how would replacing the valve stem seals effect the procedure i'm planning on: i.e. with heads still on the block, i'll be installing the injectors to seal up that hole, and using my homemade compression gauge whip to pressurize the cylinder. i've read where guys have not pressurized the cylinder though and just made sure that each cylinder your working on is at the top of its stroke.

Can someone confirm that with the cylinder at the top of its travel, a valve could not fall into the cylider and the stem still be reachable from the top side of the head, even with the stem seal out?

since i have the oil pan off, it'd be quite easy to ensure that i have each cylinder all the way up before starting on that one's valves...
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