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As always, I didn’t get as much done this weekend as I’d like, but did get the water pump on and the head studs in (see pics below).

Having done the mod work on the pump itself (grinding off the extra boss, swapping over the temp sender, and adding the heater return fitting), the bolt-up was quite simple. For those of you planning this in the future, don’t forget the extra/different screws you need – 2x 60 mm long and 1x 110 mm long (M8 x 1.25).

As for the head studs, I feel like I was not prepared for the amount of manual labor involved in that job. Swap out 32 bolts with studs, no big deal, right? well, busting loose the old ones is simple enough, but requires some leverage and force. Then, two-stage torqueing the studs to 85, then 125 ft-lbs is hard work! because of this hard work, I had to re-purpose my T4 adaptor plate. …a few times 

I know it can and has been don’t, but this is not a job I’d like to do with the engine in the truck!

Wish I had gotten the LPOP done as well, but that should be a quick one.

Nothing much to look at, but lots of work!
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