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Originally Posted by joesluckyseven View Post
Hello folks.

I am looking for some input on performance and mpg improvements in my 91 F-250 with 460 and E4OD.

I am interested primarily in low-end torque for the purpose of towing my boat and trailers around the mountains.

I am considering Hedman headers, x-pipe, etc for exhaust. 2 1/2 inches sound right?
I am also considering a high performance air intake/filter combo from K&N or Banks.
I have done some research on computer upgrades from companies like Hypertech or Jet. Are the benefits of a chip or programmer worth it?
I have also heard good things about switching to an HEI distributor as far as freed up power and MPG improvements.
When I come back later to do a rebuild, I will invest in camshaft, porting, etc. But I don't need a rebuild right now (only 44,000 miles) so I'm interested in best bang-for-the-buck, bolt-on help.
I'm not looking to race my truck, lol, I just want what towing and efficiency help I can get.
What is your budget? That determines everything. Seems the common ground is start with headers and exhaust, adjustable fpr, bbk throttle body, then after that its a camshaft, ported intake and head work.
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