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Originally Posted by dman255 View Post
So just curious is there anything else that could cause low trim on an injector? Or does that just pretty much point to the hpfp?
Ford says anything plus or minus 10 on fuel trims you have a concern low fuel trims are caused by faulty injector or unmetered fuel entering cylinder which pcm responds by taking fuel away from cylinder a high fuel trim is cause by faulty injector as well and low compression when pcm sees a paticular cylinder not turning as fast as the others it will add more fuel to speed up that cylinder once pcm can no longer compensate for that cylinder the cel turns on and you will have cylinder contribution codes if it's severe enough it will also set misfire codes sometimes if metal is in the system it can intermittently hang inj open longer then should which results in more fuel causing that cylinder to speed up which pcm sees that in crank sensor signal and will put the truck in reduce engine power and wrench light will appear and code p252f engine oil level overfull thinking it's trying run away which in reality inj causing the problem
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