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Preload ended up at 27 inch pounds. Higher than I was shooting for but I was at 18 and just barely moved the nut. checked again and was at 27. Whacked both end of the gear with a plastic hammer a few times then checked again and stayed at 27. Its with in speck and good.

Backlash is at .011. Started with original set up and the carrier wouldn't even go in. started removing .0055 from both sides until it would fit by whacking it in with that plastic hammer. Nice and snug! Then started checking pattern and adjusted until it's as good as going to get. Pattern was better at .006 backlash but I read two instruction sheets that say "too close" will result in noise and possible over heating and/or destruction. I made my last adjustment to .011.

The gear pattern is not optimal but Im dealing with a used set of gears. That same set of instructions explained to focus on the coast side when adjusting used gears. According to the gear pattern pictures the coast side falls in the acceptable category and the drive side baaaarrrely skims in at that range.

Installed cover with RTV, after an hour I torqued it to spec. and let it cure over night. Later today I will fill the differential and test drive it with fingers crossed.
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