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4x4 camper van is starting off with a positive reputation.
deciding on a TTB

Initially I took pictures of the TTB front end and planned on posting it on craigslist to sell it. At this point I was still completely sold on a solid axle as being my best option. I researched the TTB to figure out how much it was worth and to learn about them out of curiosity since I knew nothing about them. I found that the majority of people had absolutely no clue about them and about 95% of people hated the thing, calling it too complex, weak, wears tires funny, etc. etc. But their logic didn’t make sense to me; I mean after all aside from a completely different appearance and being IFS it is remarkably similar to a dana solid axle, just with an extra u-joint. I found enough people praising them for their incredible ride both on and off road and enough success stories to get me intrigued on these seemingly strange front ends. I began to research them extremely extensively and discovered that essentially all the “horror stories” about these front ends as being pieces of junk were from people who had them set up entirely wrong or were using them for the wrong purpose. The TTB is just very misunderstood by the majority of people. I discovered that everyone who had problems with them would instantly jump to the conclusion that they were just “pieces of *****” or “not worth the work compared to a SAS” and go straight to bitching about them instead of actually discovering a cause to their problems.
The other thing I discovered in my research was that aside from their strength and ease of setting them up, solid axles were nothing special. Sure they are incredible for rock crawling and extreme 4x4ing, but that’s not what I’m after in an extremely heavy camper van with a very long wheelbase. I’ll need to get through snow, down nasty roads, and perhaps the occasional mild trail; but I certainly will not be doing any hill climbing or going through boulder gardens with this thing. The dana 44 HD is plenty strong enough to run 33” tires (which is what I will run) and has 8 lugs just like my rear end. An independent front suspension using a TTB will be considerably harder to set up under the van, but the nicer ride would ultimately make the difficult swap well worth it. Besides that, the idea of doing something so unique yet extremely effective appeled to me. I was set on building a TTB van.
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