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Here is an update i installed new fuel injectors and put on a new motorcraft TPS. And I still have the problem. It runs good has good power cruises nice down the road. Starts fine cold. Starts fine after setting ten mins. Long hard start after 30 mins have to open throttle to get it to start. Here is the list of what has been done.
New Bosch fuel pump and filter.
New cap, rotor, wires and plugs. Timing is spot on.
New set fuel injectors
New coil
checked wiring harness connectors for corrosion
checked for vacuum leaks

Fuel pressure normal and doesn't leak off over a period of an hour.
plenty of fire from coil. When it does the long start it acts flooded
P.S. No codes

Anybody got any ideas. Only thing I can think of now is the distributor

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