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Originally Posted by landtortise89 View Post
I have an 89 with a 7.5 with a similar problem but mine seems more excessive it has used enough oil in the last 100 miles that the lifters were noisy on my way to work this morning (no place to get oil at 7 am) I am not sure exactly how much oil it has used but id guess 3-4 qts no smoke and a very minor valve cover leak on the left bank, nothing else as previously described. It doesn't have a cat either. Truck sat for 3 years I revived it runs great changed the plugs 7 of the 8 were good and clean white in fact the number 8 plug was badly fouled from a non functioning plug wire it was missing badly when this was happening and is not now. I am stumped. truck shows 67k miles which seems very much to be original based on the condition of the truck.
it needs a period of cleaning, if it was mine? I would buy a better quality filter that cleans the oil of smaller contaminate for a longer time and purchase some high quality oil that is synthetic in design. They all claim the best right? Well I have used many brands at one point in my experience and I'm still operating fairly well for a good amount of time now.

I do long drains and use Oil Samples to determine condition instead of changes, I am glad I have taken this route.

I started off in 1997 using Royal Purple in a 428 CJ Mustang GT the instant I started the engine I was floored I had to retune a tuned carb down 300 rpm just by changing the oil in a hot engine, Right there I was convinced that for years I was getting boned real good by ASE store shelf oil.

I settled with a company that pays me back something when I buy the amount that I buy every year, So I'm good. g