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Truck Sitting on Jounce Bumpers

Hi. I have a 2013 f-250 powerstorke. I have been noticing that when I tow, even a light load, that the truck squats a lot. I know about tongue weight and don't think I have too much. Another scenario is the other day I was bringing home 16 bags of 60# concrete mix (a whopping total of 960 lbs.). When loaded, the truck sat about 1/2" or less away from the jounce bumpers. If I would have added another 4 bags I am sure that it would have hit. Is this normal. The sticker inside the drivers door says that "The combined weight of the occupants and cargo should never exceed 1939 lbs".

In my brain I should be able to put 1939 lbs. in the truck and it not be sitting on the jounce bumpers. Is anyone else having this problem? I took it to the local ford dealership and they said that it is normal and they can't fix it unless something breaks. I didn't like that answer so I called Ford Customer Relations and opened a case. I can take it to another dealer but that is an hour away one direction.

I just ordered some air bags for the truck but I don't want to put them on unless I really need to. I feel like the truck should preform better than it is.

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