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This weekend i will be removing the bed and replacing the fuel tank. The reason i chose to remove the bed is because the brakes blew in my SD and i chose to fix the 95 first now so that i can make more room for my SD. The 95 is the rear is on the grass and an an angle so getting a jack and everything under it to get the tank out would be a pita rather than grabbing my brother and dad to help get the bed off and on some saw horses for an afternoon.

I'm also going to take a crack at hooking up my e brake line again after i fix the tank because i will be able to move the truck to the driveway then.

Also my grandfather is going to start driving it around since he need something other than his Buick to haul things back and forth for his woodworking and other hobbies lol. I will still own it but he is going to be driving it and taking care of it...also he lives next door so it's not going far lol i will be keeping up on the maintenance and everything on it i basically want him to drive it so i gets used and not neglected like it has since December while i work on my SD and drive the expedition. I bought it to give it a second chance and not get crushed in a junk it was cheap lol.

Secretly i think he wants something tall enough that my 4'8" grandmother can't get in so he can go places alone lol.
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