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5.0 to 5.8 swap, Need help on picking a tranny

Alright so to do my 5.8 swap correctly based off what I know the curnet Mazda transmission has to go out of the truck and something that is stronger Needs to go in its place, now Preferable I would put a ZF-5 in there but as I have been told/figured out, its a rare item especially if the truck is two wheel drive like mine. So this leaves me stumped, I don't wanna break the bank or look around for months to try and find a good deal on a ZF-5 but honestly other than putting a C-6 auto behind the engine and calling it done I'm not sure what I should go with. I would like to maintain some form of overdrive for long trips but I do very few of them a year so it would not be a huge deal if I do not have it. When I do drive it its maybe a 25 mile round trip at the most and thats to work and back doing 55 miles an hour or more depending on how far in the gas I am . Like I say I'm not to sure and would rather be sure that what I'm getting is gonna fit my needs and still take the power of a 351 with a cam and gt40 heads. Best regards and thanks in advance, Shadow.
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