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Originally Posted by williameub View Post
He's loosing coolant...

I doubt an injector cup... He'd have diesel in the coolant if that was the case.

Since you had coolant in cylinder 8, that defiantly points to a HG, Head or block issue.

Maybe I've missed stuff in the thread, but that's what I get out of the information I've read.
The injector cups seal in two spots with green locktite, one on each side of the water jacket in the head. A crack in the cup in the area of the water jacket will put diesel in the coolant. But if the lower seal is not sealed right it will leak coolant and allow combustion gasses into the coolant system. There will be no raw diesel in the coolant system in this instance.

He said all 8 cups were replaced, so a crack is unlikely but one might not be sealed well.
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