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Originally Posted by Chris56ford View Post
If your degas bottle is being pressurized you either have an injector cup leaking, head gasket is blown or holes in the cylinders from cavitation. If you already had 1 injector cup that was cracked there could be more ( did you replace them all?). The only way to pressurize the coolant system like that is to have combustion gasses getting into the coolant system.

One other possible theory for the knock, you could have hydro-locked a cylinder that the coolant leaks into. When the engine is not running the coolant will enter the cylinder and fill it up. When you go to start the motor it will pressure the coolant up too much and can bend a connecting rod. I hope that is not the case but definitely possible.
I replaced all 8 cups. And the motor actually did hydrolock once when it sat for a couple days. I didnt push my luck and just pulled injectors and GPs and cylinder #8 was the culprit. Full of coolant. But it didnt knock til the oil ran dry. Knock actually comes from what sounds like the top of cylinder 3 or 5. Which would confirm the knocking injector like suggested above.
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